Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Anatomy of a 3 Year-Old

J: My ears are cold.
M: My brain is cold.

M: These are my magic pants.
Mom: Why are they magic?
M: Because they have my bones in them.

M: See Mama, I told you I had to go potty.
Mom: You were right.
M: And when my pee pees are really excited to come out of my body, they sound like this.

J: I can feel my heart beating.
M: My heart's not beating right now. It's turned off.
Mom: It's turned off?
M: Yep, it's not on.
J: How does it get turned on?
M: Well when Jesus made our bodies our hearts were turned off and then he put them in and turned them on.

M: I untied my apron all by myself. You could ask anyone.

M: I hurt my foot's hip bone.
Mom: Your what?
M: This right here (points to ankle).

M: I can do that too (waved her arm around like a character on the computer). Yeah, I'm a cool girl.

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Jen said...

They are too cute!