Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm not sure ...

if this picture would be best described as M holding I or I squishing M. What do you think?And you know that creepy feeling when you know somebody's looking at you? Just had it. I get that all the time when I is awake. And then I look over and sure enough, he's staring straight at me, watching my every move. Kind of a creeper thing to do but as long as he gives me one of those smiles, it's all good.
And I couldn't resist throwing in this adorable sleeping pic of I. He's pretty darn cute when awake but totally angelic when sleeping. Especially when he stays sleeping. Not so much when he keeps waking throughout the night because his binky fell out or because he rolled over or because he got unwrapped or because he's already plotting how to drive his parents batty or because he's a baby and he does that. But for this moment, aaahhhh, so cute!

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Jen said...

Oh, he is really angelic. And, he probably already weighs more than Meri, right? So, now I have to know, how much do you love that boy? Isn't it crazy? I mean, I love my girls a ton, but those boys, they know how to melt a mommy's heart!