Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning has never been so funny

Since J has learned to read, I've started to find the funniest notes around the house. Sometimes she does a little better than other times at sounding things out, but in her defense, English is one screwy language. Like today I found a paper that read, "Erel and Sleeepan Beeeoooode." Any ideas what she meant? If you guessed "Ariel and Sleeping Beauty" you would be correct. I use to just find words like seen here:
The combination of words was what cracked me up about that one.
Now the deciphering fun really begins:
We believe it says "First I get the cheese. Second I get the ice cream. Then I make my desert. Yummy." And in the last one, it's not so much the words that need deciphering, but the meaning:
Sketch pad for loving? No clue. But funny. Really very funny.


Bobbi said...

I do have to say I laughed when I saw that she drew a pretty smiling flower on the one where she was pretending to be a bad guy

Vixie said...

I am glad to hear you get to have those "bad guy" discussions with your sweet little girls!! We wouldn't want you to be deprived.

Anna Collett said...

hahahah I think my favorite is Dip Ship...hahaha I read it differently at first and where did she get those even from? ha She is so funny and sounding out really is awful. i feel bad for her.