Thursday, January 06, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Still more from Winter Break. We took a quick jaunt over to my parents' house in Bend to play until all hours of the night, shop with Christmas money, go out on a date (hooray!) to see the new Narnia movie, relax, celebrate Ninnie's birthday, and generally freeze our skin off. My dad and Andrew skiied, but it wasn't the type of conditions to take the girls, so we went sledding a couple of times, which was fun. There was a small hill around the block, mostly iced over, making for very quick turns. One day we did make it all the way up to the mountain, which is where these first three pics were taken. Sadly it was too snowy and freezing for me to deal with taking pictures of the action, so we just took a couple of shots by the car. Looks a little chilly, eh?

M was a real trooper. First run down with Ninnie they crashed, face-planted, and generally got snow in every tiny crack that wasn't well covered (turns out M had put her pants and boots on herself and not tucked them in). We went quickly inside the little cabin, dumped out the snow, re-tucked and she went back out and was at it again. A few runs later with Mama, she got a serious face full of snow. She cried until it was brushed off, then jumped up and went at it again. The powder was so deep that we had to carry her up the hill or she would've got lost. Ninnie and Wes kept giving it a go and have some really funky weight distribution issue because they'd never stay on one track. Far from it, they usually crossed a minimum of four different tracks before tumbling out. I'm not even sure how you do that. Anyway t'was fun, and very very cold times!
Back at the Bend house, it was a little more bearable outdoors:

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Anna Collett said...

Ahhh way cute! I have a ton of pictures from the first sledding outing at the little hill I'll have to get to you. Also, you can see my crazy burns on my face! ha Also....why did Wes and I have such troubles? It was way weird. ha