Sunday, January 09, 2011

What's in your tummy?

We've started trying to have weekly 10 minute one-on-one talks with our girls in an effort to give them time to talk to us about anything they want to (open lines of communication for the future and give them confidence that what they have to say is important), and give us the chance to get to know them better. Sounds a bit parenting bookish I know, but it's lots of fun. And being overwhelmed by being outnumbered now with 3 kids, it's helping the there's-never-enough-time-problem a little. The girls really love it. Anyway, at the end of Cooper's talk with M today he said, "I love you. Always remember that." She smiled and responded, "I'll put that question in my tummy." Totally confused he asked, "what question?" Without hesitation she answered "that you love me." Skipping the urge to define the word question, Coop moved on to "Okay ... in your tummy?" Again without any hesitation, she added, "Yep, that way I'll always remember."

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