Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting to know Seattle

Nana and Bopa came to visit this weekend!! It was kinda last minute but was tons of fun. Bopa suggested Saturday morning that we head into Seattle and go up the Space Needle since only Coop and my mom had done that before. Then we tried to go to the Harry Potter Exhibit but it was so sadly sold out so we just had fun with in the Pacific Science Center playing around. Running on nothing but steam at this point, we drove down to Pike Place Market and walked around for another hour just to see what there was to see. We came home dirty and exhausted with lots of fun memories. Thanks for such a fun day! Can't wait until the next time they come!! Here's a bazillion pictures of the fun:

**Sorry for the lack of organization/commentary and for the explosion of pictures. I just wanted to get these pics up right away for Nana and Bopa especially to see and this was all the time I had. Hope the pictures say it all!


Andrew said...

Wish I could have been there:(
The one pig with Isaac, Nana, and I don't remember which one of the girls, is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute, he's got a huge smile!

Andrew said...

haha i meant PIC not PIG