Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ball Players ... or something

So I know there are WAY too many of these pics but when I was trying to narrow the field a bit, I realized that they are so funny precisely because there are so many of them. I am not at all offended if you do not make it through, but if you're in need of a good laugh, make sure to focus on the facial expressions and keep an eye on where the ball was (you'd be the only one doing so).
#1 - It's important to pose. Being cute is everything in this sport.
#2 - Keep your eye on the ball ... or at the very least, keep them open.
#3 - Keep both hands on the bat ... unless you're going for that new one-handed swing you hear so much about these days.
#4 - Stare down that ball. And the pitcher. Give them your angry eyes.
#5 - Your really angry eyes. 
#6 - Swing at anything. You never know.
#7 - Enjoy what you're doing. Especially when the catcher gets hit.
#8 - Concentrate. 
#9 - Focus. The bigger your eyes are, the better.
#10 - Don't forget your angry eyes. It's all about intimidation.
#11 - Point to the ball. That's what your bat is for.
#12 - Laugh out loud. 
See rule #2
#13 - Be prepared when playing Catcher. The farther you back up, the less likely you are to be hit.
And just in case you thought my kids had stolen all the talent, here's some of my stellar nieces and nephew.

Good times. Hope you smiled.

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Raina said...

LOL! These are so funny! I think they'll go pro!