Friday, August 05, 2011

More Beach Pics

So the move has made me a bit negligent. Not because I've been unpacking, mind you. I gave up on that days ago. But knowing I should be packing has kept me from accomplishing anything else in the meantime. So, here, finally, are some more of our pics from our fabulous beach trip! We went to the lighthouse, and everybody except Papa and Buddy climbed all the way to the top. Pretty impressive for all those little legs.

M quite proud of the dead crab she found still in one piece.
Buddy was just along for the ride and was reasonably happy to be so.
Ok, so this is not one of our kids, but it is somebody else's kid left less than 100 feet away while Mom went to find lunch.
It did get a tad windy up there ... and down there ... and everywhere.
Ok, so doesn't it kind of look like little dude's arms are kind of large ...
J worked up the nerve, after a bit of prepping, and was able to proudly hold the mini crab while squeezing tightly to daddy's hand.
Kinda worried one of the kids were going to blow away!
All the grandkiddos!
Still happy :)

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Anna Collett said...

Ok there is just so much I love about all of these pictures!! I LOVE M's hair! ha It is super curly and crazy in all of them and I just love it. I love the picture of J and how brave she is. It is kind of funny compared to the one of M with the big crab but very different girls. I also love the one of all the grandkids because if you look Buddy is not very happy with his cousins hand placement. ha Your kids are just adorable.