Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun times to be had

 So I know I already posted about our girl's birthday, but I did have to add this one pic of the two of them in front of the incredibly colorful cake, courtesy of Grammy and Safeway.
Then, in anticipation of this dude's birthday (which believe it or not is next month!!!!!), and because of a great deal on Craigslist we scored this fantastic play set. I know we technically should've waited until the big day but then we would've missed a month of good summer days to play on it, so we didn't wait. This pic was just cause the guy is adorable. The rest are as promised so you can see what it looks like and how much fun they're having. When I showed J a pic of it before we had it, she said, "looks like it's for babies." Her initial snootiness has not, however, stopped her from climbing over every inch of it. They all love it. It will be both better and worse once dude can maneuver around it more on his own. For now he needs my help, but on the plus side, that also means, he only goes where I want him to. I don't see that being true in the near future. Ah well.

I think it's great!


Anna Collett said...

Such cute pictures!!! I love the ones with the girls on top and buddy's just sitting underneath. Super cute! And looks very very fun.

Hannah said...

He is totally rockin the sideways hat!