Monday, August 08, 2011

Best $8 I ever spent!

So it's a bit hotter here in The Dalles than it had been in Sammamish. Ever. The first few days we were here I had to keep convincing the girls that they didn't need long pants and sweat shirts on. It is summer after all. And here it even feels like it. So to celebrate, and to survive, we ran to Freddie's and bought a little pool. It's super cute and is a major hit. This is basically what we are always doing. The girls were in it before 10 the other day. And why not. Even Buddy gets in on the action (he discovered he can climb in and out by himself, which he then proceeded to do back and forth for the next 20 minutes. Hey, he was happy). Ah, aren't the darling?
Little Man gets lots of help.
And lots of loving. Too much sometimes.
But he is one cool dude.
And the kiddie slide even fits right into the equation, adding even more fun unless the boy won't get out of the way. Oh, and that is some CRAZY hair!
Ah, so cute. She's really into posing for the camera lately and is always demanding that I go put the picture on the blog ASAP. She wants you all to see. She's very selfless like that. Always thinking of others.


Raina said...

$8? That is an impressive price. I think I'll head to Freddies. Stay cool in The Dalles! I love the pictures of them all in the water together. :D

Anna Collett said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Seriously you have the cutest kids. I have no hope. But mine might still win out on height! ha