Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She's 6!

The long-awaited birthday has finally happened. J turned 6 today. We have been counting down for a long time. She has been very extremely eager to be 6, especially because she's always the last of her friends to reach the milestone. That's what happens when your birthday is like a week before the school cut-off date. And having this birthday is very important in so many ways. Turning 6 means you get to go to 1st grade, which is both exciting and a little sad "because grades aren't as fun as kindergarten." Turning 6 is "probably why (she) was able to be patient for the first time tonight while waiting for help at dinner." Turning 6 means you should definitely start losing some teeth soon, "please mom, won't I ever lose any teeth (not looking good)?" Turning 6 means you're big enough and responsible enough to clean your room without assistance - okay so that's something I'm excited about and pushing pretty hard while she's less certain of that milestone. Turning 6 means the world to our little girl, who's not actually so little anymore. Turning 6 is really hard on mom and dad, because we don't know how it could've happened so fast, and are terrified that the next 6 will go just as fast and then where will be? I'm so not ready to go back to middle school. But I do so love this girl! I love her smile and her crazy contagious laugh. I love her spontaneity and quirky sense of humor. I love how much she cares about everyone and is sensitive to their feelings. I love how loving she is to her siblings and how she never complains when I ask her for help with her brother and with getting something when I don't have enough hands. I love her faith. I love her cuddling up beside me for no reason other than she wants to be near me. I love that she's not too old for that yet. Happy Birthday Red!

(additional baby pics for sentimental purposes. Mom is feeling it. Sniff sniff. Giggle giggle.)


Anna Collett said...

She is so adorable!! And just so shockingly big!! I love the first picture. Her hair is just so long and she is so grown up. I'm sad I couldn't be with you all to celebrate. Tell J we love her.

Raina said...

6! oh no! She is a perfect 6 yr old, but how did that happen? I love the pics too... Time flies!

Jen said...

Yay! Happy Birthday,cute J!!! And, let her know, that Molly is still not six for a few more weeks, so she is not the youngest, after all! We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!