Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never quite enough

We had a really full day today. We started slow like always but did manage to clean 2 rooms, do Pilates, play with princesses and color some. And, of course, we went on the much-anticipated walk/bike ride/scooter ride to J's school to see her new classroom for the first time ... in the heat of the day. We then jumped in the car and met daddy for lunch and walked through The Dalles Art Center's local show. Then we went to the library and checked out a bunch of great new books. Then we came home and ate second lunch and made awesome slushies in our ice-cream maker that we enjoyed on the porch. Then the girls watched How to Train Your Dragon while Buddy and I took naps. Then we had first dinner - enchiladas ... yum! Then while Coop and I went to a work related meeting, the girls played at a neighbor's house and had a ball. Then we rushed home and they had second dinner because they were still a little hungry. I was feeling pretty good about things. During family prayer though, J asked, "and please, please help mommy to remember to make rice krispie treats tomorrow like she promised to do today." Ouch. Really? That's the lasting impression of the day? Sigh. Guess the day wasn't quite as complete as I'd thought. Maybe I won't try as hard tomorrow :)


Anna Collett said...

wow! Sounds like a very very impressive day!!! I love J's prayers, and her memory. ha Very jealous about your library trip though. Wes says the library I told him about is in an awful area so I can't go yet....Have a great day today!

Lisa said...

Seriously, nothing is ever enough. Doesn't matter how many great things you do, they're completely negated by one thing you left out or one thing they didn't get. I get so annoyed when we have a fantastic day full of fun, and I say no to one treat and Taylor throws a colossal tantrum. Total motivation to not do anything special or fun, except that would only be a punishment for me.