Monday, October 24, 2011

Ah kids

 (M tangled up in necklaces ... for no particular reason)

Yesterday my parents and Coop's parents came to surprise the girls to watch them in our congregations' Primary program (where the kids pretty much do the whole meeting with short little talks or lines and lots of songs they've been working on all year - so cute!!). We hadn't told them but as they got close said that we had a surprise for them. They started searching the house and we said, nope, it's not here yet, but it's coming. They asked, "how will it get here?" Coop answered in a car. "What?!" And then I added, "and then it'll walk in here on it's own 8 legs." 8 legs?!? They sat dumbfounded for a minute and then M whispered in awe, "I think it's an octopus." Minutes later they arrived, and J went running out to give hugs while M ran out jumping up and down joyously announcing, "they brought the surprise in their car!" "No, no, no, THEY are the surprise, go be happy to see THEM!"
 This is the view I get a lot whenever I feel a tug on my clothes. Except here he's smiling.

Also, our darling, barely one-year old is proving that he's all boy. If anybody burps, his head pops up with eyes huge, and he immediately starts alternating between laughing and fake burping. This goes on either until the girls stop laughing or he loses interest. Both of which take awhile. How has this happened already?

This morning when Coop said, "time to go J," she opened the front door and said, "Ok, let's hop!" and was off.

No pic of J in this post, but I did find this book she'd been making. Not a school project. Just for fun. It was hole punched in the corner and stuck together with a big ring. So cute!

Oh and we went to the dentist last week, and as we left, J told everyone that would listen, "I use to want to be a ballerina but now I think being a dentist would be even more fun." Not sure where she got that idea but, you know, go girl.

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Anna Collett said...

So did M tangle herself up? She is so funny. I love how J just wants to be everything!! Your children are just adorable!!