Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloweenies

J was very proud to finally finish her "fluffy" tissue paper pumpkin. Let's just say good thing Halloween is at the end of October or it might not have been finished in time. I'm not sure we'll be making more "fluffy" projects any time soon :)
 Aren't these the most adorable treats? I saw the idea on somebody's crafting blog (I'd link to it but, let's be honest, I don't remember how I got there in the first place). I was a bit naive in not realizing the sticky mess M and I would be by the end (sometime J misses out when she's at school - we might have to destroy the evidence so she's not upset ... or make more!). 
 I wish you could see all this artwork better. They've worked long and hard on it. Thankfully Halloween is almost here though because we're running out of window space!
Next on the docket ... carving pumpkins.

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Anna Collett said...

Everything about this blog is just so wonderful!! I love J's fluffy project (and even if you don't like pink you have to admit your girls are just the cutest!!). The treats are seriously the most adorable things ever! I'm feeling bad for J. And now that I'm the recipient of amazing artwork too I love the window!! Miss you guys!