Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Candy Corn Delight

 So in preparation for General Conference this weekend, we had printed Conference packets from sugardoodle, laid out crayons and a new gigantic Dora coloring book, and prepared a few crafts to keep the girls quiet and in the same room so that they might soak in a few words. Might. At least they're there, right? We do ask them to sit reverently and listen when the prophet is speaking, but we can't expect them to sit arms folded for 8 hours in two days. Anyway, I diverge. One project that required my assistance was this awesome Halloween wreath. I'd seen it on the cover of some magazine my mom had bought, and thought it was fantastic! We didn't have the magazine with us of course, and couldn't remember much other than the rows of candy corns, so we did what we thought was best. To be a little dramatic, we first wrapped our styrofoam wreath in black ribbon, pinning it for extra security into the back. Then we glued away with our low-temp glue gun.
 The girls loved it and were amazingly persistent. We only had to remove candy corns a few times when they were facing the wrong way, but they stuck with it!

 Needless to say, Buddy wasn't involved but was more than happy to pose for a picture. Doesn't it look amazing?! I love it! It makes me smile to see it. We added a bow because it looked like it needed something more. Now if we can just work on closing the door a little softer our wreath might make it to Halloween!
Oh, and if you have a sec, hop over to Sew Dang Cute and click on the link for my wreath. I've never entered a craft in a contest before but there are prizes (for those who's pictures get clicked on the most) and I happened to actually have made one for once that is super cute, so hey, why not? Thanks! Happy Halloween!


Anna Collett said...

SUPER cute!! I'm very impressed. I might've got too frustrated. Very impressive. How much of conference did you catch during that activity? :)

Hannah said...

Wow. It looks amazing. I am also impressed.