Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Yummy Mexican food!

So last week we had to bring our car into a Mazda dealership to get some stuff fixed under warranty. Saved us a few hundred plus, but the nearest dealership is back in Portland so we had to make a last minute trip. Course they found other stuff to fix that wasn't under warranty, but that's a different complaining story altogether. Yesterday they called to say it was ready for pickup - not too convenient - and Grammy and Papa very kindly decided to drive it right out to us, AND take us out to dinner! So nice!

You can't see the half of the mess in this last picture. This might be one of the reasons we don't go out much. Did anything actually get in his mouth??? We asked if they had an extra cleaning fee for people like us. I think Papa left a large tip. Oh and I almost forget to mention, speaking of dude's bad behavior - our waiter kept trying to get him to smile or wave at him. Dead pan. The whole time. I actually heard the waiter walk off mumbling, what's wrong with this kid. Happiest baby in the world. Just not too friendly. Don't take it personal.

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Anna Collett said...

Why do the pictures seem like they are super aged? Odd. Either way you still have the cutest kids. Even if Buddy is a stinker. Can't wait to make friends with him!