Thursday, October 06, 2011

Seriously entertaining

Lately M has been saying and doing the funniest things. For example, the other night at dinner as she was crumbling her toast into her soup she says, "When you put pieces of bread in water, it turns into tuna fish." As we all stared at her dumbfounded for a few seconds, she lost a little of her certainty and added, "I think, right?"

Also she REALLY loves her alone time with me in the morning when J is at school and Dude is sleeping. She is such a chatterbox during that time! The other morning we did her giant princess puzzle. Except I'm not allowed to do any of the princess pieces. That naturally includes the princess, her horse, the castle, and the butterflies, rainbow, and swans because they're pretty and pretty is for princesses. That leaves me with a corner piece that has a frog, a couple of grass pieces and one or two sky pieces. She then gets upset at me for not working/helping her more. It's a pickle.

She also enjoys playing charades with me in the morning. They have a stack of charades cards that have words and pictures on them so it works even though she can't read what they say. But she doesn't like when I guess it too quickly, so she intentionally doesn't give good clues. "I want it to be tough for you Mama." Okay. And it was getting tougher and tougher. She tried to get me to guess ballerina by boinging around like a jack-in-the-box. Her puppy dog looked much more like a hungry lion. Her guitar impression made me think she might have been electrocuted. For one she poked the air a few times and then just stared forward with an extremely confused look on her face. That was computer (Guess I can't give her a hard time for that one though as it's most likely me at the computer that she was impersonating!). But the best was when she put her arms out and slowly flew around the room. None of the normal guesses of airplane or bird were right, so she "helped" me out by explaining that she was floating, not flying. I threw out a few others like bubble and then she got clumsy and tripped over some toys on the floor a couple of times. I asked if that was on purpose and she said, "Yeah. I'm bumping into planets." Well that kind of threw me for a loop and after a few more unsuccessful guesses I gave up and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'm a human."


Anna Collett said...

I just love the things that M comes up with. I think I get her charades for the human though. She is playing the Wii game where they are astronauts and have to successfully make it through the astroids! Do you know what I mean? The little character waves their arms and bumps off stuff. I mean seriously, how couldn't you get that? ha

KatieB said...

I'm always excited when you have a new post...they always make me laugh. Sure wish we didn't live so far apart! But I'm glad we have blogs to somewhat keep up on each other's lives too (oh, yeah, and there's the phone, too...I need to get better at using it...)

Raina said...

Love it! She is so cute. And your charades game inspired me to play charades with my boys..we had so much fun together! I was thankful for this blog post all day.