Thursday, March 07, 2013

Q and U's Wedding

This really just has been M's month with her fancy tea party birthday and then with being voted by her class to get the great honor and privilege of being the bride in the Q and U wedding (Seconds after getting in the car and telling me this wonderful news, she did make sure I understood that it was just a fake wedding because they are not allowed to kiss in school. Good thing.). I can't tell you how much she looked forward to this and fretted and worried and fretted some more about what to wear. The boys were all supposed to dress as quarterbacks and the girls were supposed to dress like queens, but she had the extremely difficult task of looking like a queen AND a bride. I know. Pretty stressful. So here they are! The happy couple joining together so that they can form words like "quilt" and "quiet" and "quote" (from the looks of it, the groom didn't stress nearly as much about his apparel).
The grand ceremony, presided over by the gym teacher I believe.
 And how pleased with herself does she look? If you're wondering, she's actually wearing my skirt there, all twisted and scrunched and tied up in the back so that it has a chance of actually staying on. Even then, when she left in the morning, it was up right under her armpits as it was supposed to be a dress. Oh well, she didn't seem to mind, and heaven knows I'm not cool enough to actually sew her a real dress for the occasion. J generously even allowed her to wear her sparkly shoes, so basically M is just decked out in stuff from head to toe that's WAY too big for her. But she was happy!


Anna Collett said...

This is seriously THE cutest thing ever!!! What a fun and creative thing to do for the kids. I know that made M's year! ha She looked super super cute. Even if her groom wasn't very dressed up.

Janelle. said...

Oh my goodness, She is seriously cute! You can just see how much she's loving walking down in those sparkly shoes. I love it. And yes, D and G should get married too...if you know what I mean :) They sound like two peas in a pod!

Cooper said...

And happy birthday to both G and D!

Hannah Holt said...

She looks so grown up. mazel tov! :)