Friday, March 29, 2013

A Boy's Dream Come True

Around the corner from our hotel was a dinosaur museum, so we thought we'd go take a look before heading out to the main attractions. Little did we know this WAS the main attraction. For dude at least. He was in heaven. For two straight hours, he ran up and down the museum, pointing frantically and alternating between yelling, "Look at dat one!" and "What's dat one called?" He could not hold still. It was awesome. Sadly we didn't get more photos of him because he couldn't really bothered. But it sure warmed our hearts to see him so happy. While I'm working on this post, dude came running up and hasn't stopped yammering in my ear about "we saw a T-Rex and an elephant bird and a mammoth and ... at the binosaur moo-seum." Still exciting just thinking back on it.

 J spent her time sketching the skeletons. Pretty impressive, right?
So did M, although she got distracted by a room full of fancy rocks and gems for the majority of the time. Think I was proud of my budding artists?
 He's almost holding still here :)
 Baby G watched the kids running around and then studied them digging in the dinosaur pit. When we finally let her down she crawled right up and began digging, knowing exactly what she was supposed to do. She was pretty pleased with herself!
Then we headed back up the street to the trains, where they have a museum open seasonally. It wasn't open but we could still walk around some pretty cool trains. So odd that there was still snow on the ground when it was warm enough for t-shirts! Guess that's what happens up in the mountains where the sun doesn't always shine :)

 But why walk around when you can run? Right? The best part was that his dinosaur shoes leave dino tracks in the snow. Pretty awesome.
 More sketching to do of course. The girls were pretty interested in it all (although the highlight for them was getting to pet a cat named Cindy), but for our little boy, what really could've been better than a morning full of dinosaurs and trains?

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