Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beautiful birthday pictures!

So somehow, by some rather un-funny magic trick, our bubbly baby girl has turned 1! It really shouldn't be possible. And while I love the sneak peeks we're getting into her own unique personality these days, and while I love watching her conquer new tricks like standing up from a sitting position without holding on to anything, and while I love seeing her joy in conquering such exciting new tricks, I hate that I can't just hold onto my baby forever! I just want to sit and snuggle her sweetness forever. But alas, time ticks on and quite frankly, she won't allow me to do it anyway. There are just too many things for our little busy girl to do. But in hopes of capturing this one moment in time, I thought, let's take some cute pictures of our birthday girl before I blink and she's turning 16. So I grabbed a balloon, propped up the big girl, and started to shoot. Here's what I got:
Hmmm...what's this thing mom put in my lap?
She quickly decided she didn't like that white thing, whatever it was.
Unless, of course, her brother was smacking her in the face with it. That was hilarious.
But when he stopped, and mom kept her there, she was ... let's say, a little less than pleased. A tantrum and a sock later, and this is what she had to say to the camera.
After recovering from the rare bad mood, I thought I'd give it another shot. But no, she just wanted to eat the prop. Oh well. Not exactly the sweet memory I was trying to capture, but you know. Happy Birthday anyway! More on that later.


Bobbi said...

What a doll. It always amazes me how fast the years seem to go! I loved Meri's party. . . pretty sure I have one that would have soaked up every minute of it too!

Anna Collett said...

She is so adorable!!!! Can you stop having such cute kids? Or at least can you live closer so I can love them too? ha

Hannah Holt said...

LOL! She is so cute!