Sunday, March 17, 2013

More birthday!

So as was briefly mentioned before, our beautiful baby girl turned 1! Makes me feel like having a mid-life crisis but since that might be a bit of an overreaction, instead I'll blog. At 1 she is a perfectly delightful baby. Seriously so easy-going. She loves peek-a-boo, closing books, stealing pretty much anything her brother has, eating whatever she can get her hands on, exploring nooks and crannies, watching her brother (he's basically a comedic genius in her eyes), poking belly buttons, getting into the dishwasher or fridge if she's really lucky (where she can reach the eggs and have lots of good times), her adorable ladybug bottle full of warm milky goodness, her satin blanket, baths, and mom. She dislikes getting dressed, putting snowgear on, getting strapped in her carseat, going to bed when she doesn't think she should have to, anyone other than mom or dad holding her, waiting for food, and not being allowed to explore endlessly. She mastered going up and down stairs way before any of our other children mainly because our house has tons of stairs and she would not take no for an answer. And I mean that. I'd say no, she'd smile at me and shake her head back and forth, and then bolt for the stairs. She's totally obsessed with them. She's never been a loud crier (thank heavens!) and has adorable dimples that pop out when she giggles. She's still not walking because she thinks it's too funny to try. Literally. She laughs so hard she falls over anytime she takes more than two steps. Who does that? She's a pretty good sleeper, a pretty great eater, a pretty expert pooper, and a pretty perfect fourth child. We love her and still can't believe she's 1!!! 
Here's her personal birthday cake and the cupcakes for the other kiddos:
She's like, um, mom ... somebody put this whole cake on my tray. Are you going to just smile and allow it?
Are you sure this is okay? Any last words before I ...
I'm getting messy here guys. Just look at my hands! Oh man, you got a picture of me like this?
All right then. It is kinda fun. Feel like I'm getting away with something here.
Actually, it's TONS of fun! I love this! Happy Birthday to ME!
Okay, I'll try to take it down a notch and act a little bit more coy.
Forget coy! Look Ma! No hands!!
Do you like sea food? See food - BLAH!
What?! Time to clean me up? I don't thinks so!
Come a little bit closer. Check this out - I got frosting in my eyelashes!
And up my nose! I'll be smelling this for a week! SWEET!
And only 14 wipes later, I'm all clean and ready for bed and they gave me presents too! What a night. I should do this birthday thing again some time.

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Anna Collett said...

What an adorable baby!!! I love the no hands picture. What a fun time!