Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heading to Hill City, SD

So for our little spring break (we just get a long weekend) we decided to head down to South Dakota with Nana. Time to see the sights! It turned out to be a long adventurous drive down with lots of potty breaks (Dude had just been potty trained and I couldn't handle putting him back in a diaper) with his potty chair awkwardly positioned on the passenger seat, but somehow we survived with remarkably few accidents. On the way to our hotel in Hill City we decided to drive through the gorgeous Spearfish Canyon and hike up to a waterfall. Did not expect this:
Sadly unprepared for a hike in the snow to a frozen waterfall, we had to content ourselves with running around in the parking lot around the trailhead.
 Felt good to get out and stretch at least!
 And man it was beautiful!! Definitely going to have to come back when we can hike around or maybe in the fall when the leaves are turning colors. That would be incredible.
Dude was basically beside himself finally free of the car seat. It's actually only a 5 hour drive down there. Heaven only knows how they're going to handle the 22 hour drive home this summer!
 Cute girls!
 Giggly G wanted down as well. She'll have to start walking first!
 We jumped back in the car and drove past this entirely frozen lake. Add that to the list of things we've never seen before!
The kids weren't up to anything else by the time we finally got to our hotel (you should have seen their excitement at our hotel room. Seriously these kids don't get out much. They ran around jumping on every bed, sitting in every chair like it was a palace. Baby G was particularly in love with the mirror closet door and dude walked around in circles saying "dis is not our house" in wonder) so we had a yummy dinner and chilled, trying to recharge for all the sight-seeing ahead of us!

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