Friday, July 04, 2014

4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!! 
 The kids were pretty pumped to have entertainment booked all day long! Between Nana, Bopa, and Uncle Rick there was always somebody to push them on the swing, jump on the tramp, watch them jump, take them on bike rides, take them to the park, push them on the tire swing, and whatever else they could think of that sounded like fun. They really know how to celebrate!
Which can get kinda exhausting. Gotta refuel by sneaking a quick, quiet rest wherever you can find one (sloth),
and with a dang good meal to top it off. 
Then off to the park to join friends in a friendly game of kickball. When was the last time you played that? It was awesome! Baby L decided to opt out and hang out with Bopa so he wouldn't feel bad sitting out all by himself. Dude played for a few minutes until somebody distracted him, G, and everybody else under 5 with a huge bucket of bubbles. M and J had some great kicks and alongside mommy proved that girls can play ball. Daddy proved that boys cheat. And show off. And are cute so we forgive them in the end.
Uncle Rick could hardly wait to start setting off his stash of fireworks. The kids were more excited than it looks in this picture. It was really hot.
We won't mention that the first one he lit, tipped over and shot off toward the spectators. No harm, no foul! Now the whole reason we had our three honored guests was that they had wanted to check out our claims that they could not dream up a firework show that could compete with what we see in Dickinson. Despite it being illegal to set off fireworks within city limits, we do the 4th better than anyone. That's partially because of the blatant disregard for the law. It is insane. You can hardly tell when the city's show begins and ends. And there are a number of times when you worry about life and limb. But it's awesome. I don't think they were disappointed!

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Anna Collett said...

Somehow I missed this adorable post!! I love how festive M was!! I finally updated my blog! You should be proud...