Tuesday, July 15, 2014

George Rogers Park

I wouldn't accurately be describing our trip without pictures from the river. We spent a lot of time there. And yet, I think Bopa thought we weren't there nearly enough :) Even Grandma and Grandpa were able to find a prime spot in the shade and join in the fun!
 Siblings. I look like such a dork. And I'm taller than my sister so I'm not sure what happened...
 Aunt Ninnie loves our kids so much. I keep telling her she can borrow G and send her back when she's potty trained. If only she lived closer.
 G wasn't too sure about this arrangement. Man, that thing brings back memories.
 LOVE how this girl always crosses her legs when she lays down. My dainty little lady. Ha!
 And this just looks "oh so sweet." What was actually happening was she was terrified and clinging to me for dear life. But it looks like she's just being all lovey. I'll take it.
 No fear from these girls. They are part fish. Or at least they wish they were. Isn't the idea of being a mermaid appealing to every girl at some age?

 Do you wanna build a sandcastle? Well, it's tricky with G around. She's not so much the building-up type. Demolition is more her style.
Grammy and Papa joined us too for a picnic in the park. Baby L looks so dang cute talking with her Grammy!
Ahhh...good times.

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Anna Collett said...

I love everything about this. I read all of these on my phone but I feel like I missed this one. It was so much fun!! Seriously you need to move closer.... I can't handle you being so far away!!!!