Thursday, July 17, 2014

Down at the Waterfront

Could Portland be any more beautiful??? Nope, I don't think so. At least not on a perfect summer day! This guy was not too certain about this crazy fountain thing:
But then we loaded an even crazier number of people on these bicycle/clown car things and did our very best to mow down pedestrians. I mean avoid them. What did I say? However, if anything so unfortunate as that were to have actually happened, it would've been all them. I cannot tell you how many pedestrians were just begging for it, aka. refusing to get out of our way while they took their pretty time despite plenty of bell-ringing. 
They weren't the only hazard. We also rode across a high, narrow bridge (which might scare some people), and struggled to make it up inclines that were much harder than they first appeared and down inclines that threatened to make us lose control (while someone was holding a baby)! Oh and then we decided to do part of the loop again! Good times. No really. It was! And quite the workout I tell you what.
We look about as good as the view :) Sisters are the best!
Nanas are too!
 Eventually he got more okay with the fountains. 
 Naturally M was all about it! I so love her fun-loving, no-fear nature!
 J is more of a bathing beauty:
 Great camera work daddy!
 When we got back to the starting point to turn in our vehicles, the fountain was back to this exciting formation. M was the only one brave enough to venture into the center. I had to basically drag dude in with me for a picture! What an awesome day.

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