Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 7/11 to me!

What a great day - free Slurpees! It's like 7-11 wants everyone to celebrate me! Was nice to be in a state that actually has a 7-11 so we could enjoy the yummy treat! We might have gone to more than one that day. How could we not have?!
 And being a beautiful, hot, summer day, we also went to have some water fun. The parks back home are just so dang gorgeous. And we had tons of fun!! Glad that Bopa, Ninnie, Grammy and Papa, and the Tibbets all came along!
 Timid no longer, here comes Super WaterMan!
 Cousins!! Too bad South Korea was so dang far away. These two would love to hang out more often. Texas is a little bit closer, right?
 Bopa was a major trooper and played this fun "game" for an impressive amount of time. I think they poured a whole pool's worth on top of their "sleeping" heads. Way to take it for the team Bopa (and Kendyl).

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