Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Rushmore or bust

On a gorgeous sunny day that still had a bit of a chill in the shade, we headed over to see the Big Heads on the hill. Before we got closer, we saw the real guys in person!
"Which one is Mr. Washington," Dude asks now. At the time, he clearly had no interest in being anywhere near the old guys.
We had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful hike with Nana, Bopa, and Uncle Rick! It wasn't open the last time we visited so we broke out the shades and explored in style. The backpack was supposed to be for G, but you can only contain that child for so long. However Dude was more than happy to catch a free ride that allowed him to be as social (or anti-social) as he pleased.
Also typical for G, she finds the one place she's not supposed to be and goes straight there. She likes to wave at those types of places as she passes them by.
Then we headed into the Visitors Center to work and sweat at becoming a Jr. Park Ranger, for the second time in two days. It's like a game show. Where can we become one next? Again, Dude didn't want anything to do with that real park ranger. He's like that sometimes. That's why we put that hat on him. When he's too grumpy, he lowers his head and grunts - totally unwilling to make eye contact. But the hat has eyes on it anyway, so it's almost like he's still looking! Or something.

This time the kids also got to go back and see a laser-light show at night. Pretty sweet!

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Anna Collett said...

I love G!!! haha she makes me laugh so much.