Sunday, January 31, 2016

Always something

Sadly this was another week filled with sickness, so there was a lot of this: 
But that doesn't mean it was all bad, I mean, we even saw the sun a few times! And the kids are funny, whether they feel good or not.

G: mom, can I have some more pom-A-damn-it (pomegranate) seeds please?

Meet Mona Hulk-A Lisa, courtesy Jenelle:
Dude (reading Dr Seuss): Camel on the ceiling? What! That would NOT work cause gravity would make him fall right down ... A duck dog? I don't think that's real. There's no such thing... A fiffer-feffer-feff? WHAT is that? ... Zizzer-zazzer-zuz?!! No way! (That whole book is difficult for him to get behind - don't let him read it to you if you're in a hurry! He can't help the side commentary and questions!)

G: do you understand me dude? I: yes G: then you will be my man.

"I just wanted to see where the branches are!" That does not look comfortable.
Apple crisp on the front porch because. We segregate by age. Which speaking of... when I was talking to M earlier today she stopped making eye contact and started staring at my forehead or above. Irritated, I asked what she was doing. She answered, "you're getting a lot more of those grey-white hairs mom." Thaaaaanks.

Thanks to our new game about skeletons, I keep hearing weird comments like, "no thanks, I have enough ribs," and "would you like a pelvis?" Also, "I get to be Doctor Humerus!"
Dude asked today what the air was made of. One of those wish-I'd-done-more-than-short-term-memorization-in-science-class moments. I answered, "molecules!" After describing how they're so small you can't see them, he asked, "aren't molecules made up of atoms?" Why does my 5 year-old know that?

M: we are ready to do the scripture play! Dude: G is going to be a sheep, but the kind of sheep that they kill and then she's a sheep zombie!

I asked dude if he wanted to make bread with me. His response: yes! Then we wouldn't even have to buy it at the stores (which we hardly ever do), which is good because they are probably out.

J had her first strings concert, where s girl with a large head obscured her from view the entire time:
And M had her first basketball game, where she scored three times! And was so effective on defense, even when her player gave up and stood out of bounds.
 She never lets up. In fact, her coach had to tell her to stop stealing the ball!  Highlight was when they were explaining to the girls how to run an inbounds play, and m's girl sprinted from one sideline to the other, with M making sure she's never see the ball. For like 5 minutes. While the ball was still out-of-bounds. 😂😂😂 Gotta love the dedication!

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Hahahaha that bottom photo is absolutely hilarious!!