Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Funny guy

Just had to add this random pic of our little man with some awesome post-nap hair doing his favorite thing to do - color with markers. He gets really into it. Couple of funny things he says or has said lately:

"ROOOOAAAAAR! Whoa! Big dinosaur" (He says this frequently when just walking around and acts like his own roar startles himself).

"Mama, hold you! Hold you!"

"It's otay sweetheart (to baby G)."

"Hi J. Hi M. I happy to see you!"

"I Mama big helper!"

Also, just read Isaac a book that has pictures of kids dressed as farm animals and says things like "the funny cow says moo." He usually loves this book, but this time was saying, "No!" and then something I couldn't understand and getting kinda frustrated when I replied, "no silly, that's a cow," or whatever animal was on that page. On the last page of the book I finally got it. He was saying, "No! A kid!" Can't fool him. That's no real cow.

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