Saturday, December 08, 2012

Pictures with Santa

So our church's Christmas party this year was a Saturday morning breakfast pajama party. The kids thought it was awesome! A party in jammies? How fun is that?! While waiting for our turn to go through the food line, we went to see the big man in red. Our little dude ran in the room, looking in the total wrong direction at a bunch of lights and decorations, and yelled, "I see SANTA!" I laughed, said, "Hey dude. That's Santa," and pointed his gaze in the right direction. He jumped at least half a foot and went from overjoyed to terrified in one second flat as he backed up with his arms out to defend himself.  This was the best we could do at getting him in a picture (and yes, he is wearing cowboy boots over his pajamas. Why?). When Santa offered him his bag of goodies, Dude (from about 10 feet away) bent over at the waist and reached out his arms like, "just throw it to me. I ain't getting any closer than this." Well, it is an improvement from last year when he screamed and cried at the top of his lungs. This is kind of a funny thing we put our kids through yearly, isn't it?
Baby G didn't have any real problem with the set up. She was a bit confused, but just kinda went with it. Love that girl.
M and J were pretty pumped and ready with their smiles and lists of wishes. Now I just wish their lists would stop changing. They keep coming up with new things that they want more than what they'd said before, and let's just say the elves have finished their orders!

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