Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas pictures overload!

So here was our Christmas in pictures, minus all those wonderful shots I didn't think to take:
The girls with their mini-gingerbread houses. So proud.
All ready to come down the stairs to see those stockings!
 So happy with what Santa brought - Pez, toothbrushes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and a box of sugar cereal. What more could a kid ask for?
 While we waited for Baby G to wake up, everyone sampled their dream cereals that their stingy, nutrition-loving mom would never buy.
 Not a moment too soon, she woke up. Ready for presents!

 M and J opening present from Grammy and Papa.
 Buddy studying his new dinosaur. Who looks more excited about it?
 And who looks like they know how to get it out of it's packaging better?
 Baby G was totally content with her toothbrush. Why did we buy anything else?

 M and J in their new jackets that are actually warm enough for North Dakota. Now I won't worry about them when they're out at recess and it's 5 freaking degrees! Okay, so I still might, but at least it'll be less founded.

 M and J's presents from Mom and Dad that they picked out at a recent art show. They fell in love with these prints and decided they wanted them more than any other present, even though they wouldn't get a surprise from us. Hard for me to turn down interest in art! At least I wrapped them, but they knew what they were before they'd even sat down to open them.
 Dude got his own drill! He's so adorable with it. Love how much he loves it.
 Baby G examining her xylophone. I like the dainty way she plays with it. It's much quieter than when her older brother takes his turn!
 My men in their new hats from Peru. How handsome!
 And this is quite the outfit. Nana's new scarf, Ninnie's new headband, and Nana's sequined shirt. Wow.

 M LOVES the dress-ups from Nana and Bopa! And surprisingly, she has worn the knight one the most. Turns out the girl likes swords. And she can give one serious warrior face.
 After all the excitement and a bit of clean-up (okay, a lot of clean-up), everybody curled up to watch Brave. Dude hardly moved the whole time, except at one intense point when he put a hand on Papa's elbow. That's a beautiful movie! This was our first Christmas away from home, but thanks to Grammy and Papa's last-minute trip (SO SO SO happy they came!) and Skype, we actually enjoyed a very nice and relaxing holiday. 
And speaking of being happy they came, this is what the girlies taped to the door for them to see as soon as they came in!

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Anna Collett said...

Ah what a fun Christmas!! I love all the pictures but the last one just makes me laugh so much. Everyones faces are just hilarious and I love that Kim's totally asleep. Miss you guys!