Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Hanukkah

So clearly I'm a little behind here, but before I post the most recent pictures, I needed to add these and a big thank you to Uncle Rick and Aunt Audrey for these awesome presents:
Baby G and the lion she "picked out" at the store for herself (she got so excited when I showed it to her so I decided it was a winner)
J so happy to get the #1 thing on her list: a brown shiny horse! I think she likes it.
And M with her #1 wish - a My Little Pony! Pretty sure she loves it too!
And little man had just been woke up from a nap so he wasn't too sure at first but a better mood and closer inspection have proved that these shoes are AWESOME! He tries to wear them everywhere, all the time now (I do have to insist on boots sometimes instead when he's going to be walking in the snow).
We also got some pretty great presents from Aunt Rosie and Uncle Keith. And Grandma and Grandpa Berne of course. Thank you so much! Miss you all and wish we'd been with you all to celebrate!

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Anna Collett said...

Oh my gosh these are the coolest gifts!! Little dudes shoes are hilarious!!!