Monday, December 03, 2012

Our awesome visitors

We had so much fun having my parents here! The kids were seriously in seventh heaven with somebody always available to pay them undivided attention! Here they are all dressed up and ready to go to church Sunday morning. It was sure nice for me to have help getting them ready (Coop's nearly always gone at meetings before church).
I think we filled their trip about as full as we could. Bopa took the kids on bike rides when the weather permitted, and played outside with dude even if the weather didn't. We swam at the community center, did lots of puzzles, read piles of books, went to a restaurant, got Christmas decorations up, did all the Christmas shopping, and as mentioned before, ate ridiculous amounts of good food. But sadly, Monday morning came way too fast. Nana and Bopa brought the girls to school, helped clean, and played with the littles until they had to go. 
(Who needs a bat anyway? A broom give you a much greater chance of actually hitting the ball. As does using a larger ball!)
We miss them so much!


Anna Collett said...

Such cute pictures/seems so much fun!!! Dude totally missed the pink theme in the first picture...Totally ruined that one. And what is with J's face in the second one? Oh and why is M's backpack triple her size? What does she have in there??? ha Miss you!

Raina said...

These pictures are awesome! I love all the fun you are having. I am dying to chat with you too. I think this next week should be more under control.
Stay warm!