Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 weeks!

 Already a month! That happens altogether too quickly - all in a rosy sleep-deprived haze. She's outgrown some of the newborn outfits (or she would be too big for them if she ever stretched out fully, which is pretty rare for our little froggy), and with each passing day I feel like my excuses for not getting around to cleaning the house or you know, getting dressed before noon are getting weaker. But we're still resting any chance we get. When she is awake though, we get a lot of looks like these. She looks at us with these huge surprise eyes like she's wondering what on earth we're doing here. You'd think she'd be starting to get used to us by now.

 But most of the time, our sleepy girl looks like this:
 The other kiddos are enjoying an unhealthy dose of tv while I feed baby G. But they look darn cute watching together. When did he get SO big??? He's definitely getting closer to being 2 as he's started asserting independence in various ways like refusing to sit at the high chair/insisting on being at the table with the big kids, or demanding he have his own fork to use on anything he eats. Even if it's apple slices.  Or applesauce for that matter. He's really into forks.
 And this isn't our best Easter photo (I'll post that later when I get to an Easter post), but it is the one that cracks me up the most. That is so typical of our little man. It's so him. And again, baby G just wondering what on earth is going on. And why she didn't get the memo that she was supposed to wear blue or green.


Anna Collett said...

I love her looks!!! The world is just coming into focus for her little eyes and it is an interesting place! ha I LOVE the picture of M and buddy! When did they both get so big???? It is hilarious and I love your family photo. You have the cutest little family. The girls dresses are seriously adorable, and let Little G rock the pink.

Katie said...

She is so beautiful...as are all your children! I love seeing your family picture. I hope you are both proud of your cute little (well not so little) family!

bontovi said...

I love the girls' outfits! Did you make those?