Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creative kids

If you were to take a walk around my untidy house, you would find that people leave pictures and notes around like Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs. Okay well people leave breadcrumbs (and cracker crumbs, and pretzel crumbs, and ...) around our house too, but not for any useful purpose. Here are a couple of notes and pictures that I found today:
Not a book report. Just done for fun. I think after watching a Planet Earth DVD on Sunday afternoon. Love the spelling. And she's quite thorough.
This is clearly Rapunzel after she contracted elephantitis on this lovely tropical island.
And that is must beher twin brother who contracted a similar disease affecting his hands. Making them look like very large feet.
I have a couple of questions here. Who is Sarah? And where is she being held prisoner? I haven't seen her I swear. Oh and please tell me I'm not the evil Queen ... again.
And this one takes the cake. Though I should probably explain she meant to write, "I Love Grace." Miss a letter here or there and it really messes with your meaning!


Anna Collett said...

Maybe she is just saying she likes Gracie's gas? Unlikely probably but still possible with that one.

Hannah said...

I also love gas. I wish it was free every time I fill up my mini-van. Very cute!

Raina said...

This is so funny. I love each picture for the proportions , and the spelling. Really? Who is Sarah?

bontovi said...

Your kids are super smart! And Sarah is a genius;).

Hannah said...

Love it--these papers remind me of my house! You are a supermom. Just saying it in case you've forgotten :).