Thursday, April 12, 2012

For cuteness

Our cute little peanut. She's a doll. Love that she still curls up into such a little ball.
Already flexing! Even peanuts can be tough, and this one will have to be if she's going to want to play with big brother!
Although sometimes he is calm and sits still. For example, he LOVES doing this old puzzle. Course he MUCH prefers it if I'm sitting right there at full attention telling him the names of all the pieces, without getting distracted by say, a baby sister, but you know. He's awfully cute when all's going well! His new trick this week is jumping. You know, actually getting both feet off the ground instead of just that exaggerated toe lift thingy that kids think is a jump before they can actually manage it. He gets down in this low squat, holds it while he thinks about it, does the tiniest little jump and then looks up to make sure I saw it. Hilarious.
Getting a closer look. And giving a sweet little kiss. Good thing G has no personal space issues.
And funny, when she got tired of tummy time I picked her up to feed her. I turned around and dude was like thus, exactly where she'd been when I'd been making sich a fuss about how cute she was and taking her picture and all. Funny boy. I think I satisfied his vanity by taking his picture too.

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bontovi said...

G is sooo cute!!!