Monday, April 16, 2012

BIG news

Many of you know that Cooper's job here in The Dalles has been a wonderful experience, but was only for 12 months - ending in July. So we've been looking and applying for jobs for awhile and, drumroll please ... He is going to be the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce in Dickinson, North Dakota!! So that is definitely a long car ride from home (18 hours), and can't say I ever expected to live in North Dakota (never known someone who did), but it's a really great job and we're excited! We'll definitely be bringing our snow clothes, because I'm pretty sure we're going to need them year-round :) We're going to miss The Dalles - we've got comfortable here. And we're definitely definitely going to miss being so close to family. And everybody we know. But it's a great opportunity in a nice community with wonderful schools, and we'll let you know what there is to do there later :) Coop starts May 14th, so we have a little bit of packing to do. Okay, a lot of packing to do. He's going to head out there to get started, and we'll go join him as soon as we have housing (because of the oil boom, it's actually really hard to find - who knew?!). Until then, we'll be at my parents' house, spending as much time with grandparents as we can!


Valerie said...

Wow! Congratulations guys! What an adventure! You will definitely have fun with the accents up in ND. We do in MN! And hey, if you ever want to check out the Mall of America, we're just and hour away! :)

Hannah said...

Well shucks for us! But I'm excited for you. It always helps if you know you're moving for a good job. Best wishes with packing!

bontovi said...

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!! We're sooo happy for you! Like I keep saying, great things happen to great people. And you and Coop are nothing short of GREAT!!! Hope we get to see you before you leave. Luv luv.