Sunday, April 22, 2012

Showing off the T-Ball Skills

Ready Position
What to do with your mitt:
 Or maybe it was like this:
 No ... pretty sure it's to use as a shoulder pad.
 Oh wait I got it. It goes out in front of you like this, more or less (pretty sure J's having social hour at 2nd base):
 What Happens When A Ball Is Hit Anywhere On The Field
Everybody, no matter where you are on the field in relation to the ball, run for it and throw yourself on the ground if you don't get to it (where even was the ball in this one?)!
 Run! Run!
 More running (M picked up on the fact that the ball seemed to always get hit to the same place, so despite the fact that she was playing shortstop, she kept inching closer and closer in and farther and farther towards 1st base)!
 More falling (Love the kid at 1st in the background. Doesn't it look like he's trying to keep the runner from leaving, despite him being like twice his size?)!
Dog pile!
 M finally got the ball!! Throw to first, throw to first! Or sure, run it until you're close enough to have a chance at making an accurate throw (less than 5 feet away) ... and then chuck it over his head. And yes, that is Papa and our little man in the background, far enough away that his monumental tantrum could not be heard by anyone other than dogs. Dude's tantrum that is. Not Papa's. 
 And despite whatever crazy shenanigans are going on (like what's with this guy? Is he trying to do a face plant onto the pavement?), always look cute!


Anna Collett said...

Hey, like mom always said "they are the cutest kids out there!"

Hannah said...

I had no idea that T-ball practice looked so much like soccer practice (at least as far as the crowd around the ball thing goes). You had me laughing all the way through this post!

bontovi said...

I love it! They look great in their uniforms though;).