Sunday, April 22, 2012

More random cuteness

Since the birth of baby G, Dude has decided he's one of the big kids. For example, he totally refuses to sit in a highchair. The very idea is highly offensive. So we got a little booster seat so he can join the gang at the "big kids' table." And then he needs his own bowl of cereal, with milk. No more sprinkling some dry Cheerios across his tray. No siree. And make sure that comes with a spoon please (If he's really hungry, he'll let us feed him. If not, we're back to questioning the sanity of anyone putting carpet in the dining area).
I thought this was so cute. M was just catching up with Aunt Ninnie on Skype, and baby G got in on the action. Love the cute smile looking down at her sis. Please ignore the mess (we do)! 
Getting bigger but still so sleepy!
And remember the cute little curled-up peanut shot from two short weeks ago? Now we like to stretch. Still gotta put some meat on those ankles, but no doubt about it, we are getting bigger!


Anna Collett said...

Curled up, or stretched out she is so adorable!

Lyndsey said...

We have one of those plastic mats that people use in offices for roller chairs under Luke's booster seat. It works but I always wonder why people are insane and do the carpet thing. The first thing I would do if I ever buy a house is rip it out!!!

Raina said...

You have me laughing so hard with the "ignore the mess, we do" comment. Lol!
Look at how big your little man looks. How has that happened?