Tuesday, June 09, 2015

From Big Sky to Big City

This post feels slightly redundant since I've sent all these pics already to my family (who are the only ones who read this - Hi Mom!) in an endless barrage of text messages today. But we woke up after a ... night's sleep in our covered wagon. Wood floors are hard. But M found a friend!
Then we got our inner-pioneer on. J played the pump organ. Workout and music lesson in one!
M for her workout in pumping the sewing machine, which exactly the kind J says she's always wanted.
They held baby kittens, mocked chickens, 
Pet a baby calf and a week-old foal, road horses,
And learned to lasso. Okay, we have a little more practicing to do on that one!
Love this happy face!!
The pony carriage was so fun that we might have gone around more than once. Poor "mana-mana," as G called her (whose real name was Madonna) and Toby.
Carriage ride, anyone?
Then all the kids got to drive a real covered wagon! Those horses were HUGE and she said they were only medium sized. On the way, G pointed at a man on the wagon with us, and announced loudly, "he has none hair." Sorry bald guy.
Time for school! Look who was dressed and ready to learn, and delighting every old lady around.
Recitation time! The girls had a really hard time taking the costumes off. They loved it.
It was hard to leave the solitude. Just felt good to be there. Feel a little guilty for complaining. This was the nice wood shanty. You do not want to know what the dugout was like or how crazy claustrophobic one would've felt all winter long! There was a quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder on the chalkboard that said something about how you make do with what you have and are happy about it. Need to take her advice more often.
Then a long car ride later, we made it to the big city. We both commented on what a huge contrast this was going to be so we eased in slowly by hanging out at the wonderful sculpture gardens. Hello Minneapolis!


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