Monday, June 08, 2015

Sioux Falls and Ingalls homestead

So we survived camping in a tent through a major thunderstorm! Yes, we got a little wet and yes the wind sounded like the redcoats were attacking, but amazingly, all kids except baby L slept right through it! 
Falls park was awesome! It was a kids' climbing heaven and a paranoid parent's nightmare. 
Course after we said there's been enough climbing, they had never wanted anything more in life than putting their feet in the water. 
Baby L was not to be trusted of course. She went on a walk and was...mildly impressed with the scenery. 
Group shot from the observation tower: 
As we went to go up this tower, after being there for, I don't know, an hour and a half or so, G announced excitedly, "I see waterfalls!" Not sure where she'd been until then.
Next adventure, sleeping in our covered wagon: 
We'll see how much sleep everyone gets! 
Until we can convince them to lie down though, it sure is peaceful and pretty!

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