Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Whenever mouths come up, this girl says, "I have a bid (big) mouf and lots of teeth, see," and then opens further than you'd have ever thought possible.

I was kinda confused when G kept pointing at Woody and insisting that he was "a dondey." Finally realized she meant cowboy. Good to know that donkey = cowboy.

"Lucy bit my tongue." What? "No. I mean my finger." That makes a little more potential sense!

At a friend's house tonight, Grace began telling them a story by saying, "One time, when my mom and dad weren't taking care of me..." This after she told me very seriously on the way up to their door, "remember you need to keep an eye on me." Kinda made me worry about what she was planning!

She got dressed all fancy today with a bow in her hair, a chunky necklace, and a spinny dress, and went down the stairs saying, "excuse me, I'm so toot (cute)."

"I ouched myself mom."

"What mom?"
What G? 
"A watermelon!"

When I didn't get mad at her for "not an accident mom, just a little pee-pees in my panties because daddy said I can do just a little," she looked up and said, "you're the best mom in the world mom."

"Look mom, my belly!"
Look G, here's mine!
"Yeah, except mine isn't big like yours."
(Me laughing hysterically)
"You're great mom."

So not G but worth including bc the other day I heard dude say from the other room, "I didn't do it! The elephant did!" Classic. He also asked recently, "Why didn't Heavenly Father design our car so the back windows could open?" Ha!

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