Thursday, June 11, 2015

Itasca state park aka Mosquito breeding ground

Such a great way to start your day. It's like having an alarm clock that goes off 2 hours too early and attacks you when you don't get up the first time it tries to wake you. 
Eventually, when half the hair had been torn out of our heads, we gave in. As we packed up, the littles decided to get an early start on their hike. By themselves. With G leading. Anyone else think that's a bad idea?
Thanks to a more helpful guide, we made it to the mighty Mississippi River! Just dangling our little toesies in the headwaters!
And we did it! We walked across the Mississippi River! 
The head of the 4th largest river in the world begins right here, feeding out of Itasca Lake. And we just walked across. Some of us more successfully than others but we all did it! And then played. These kids are hilarious. A lot of work to keep them all alive at a place like this, but hilarious nonetheless.
The two oldest just kept crossing and crossings and crossing. As they gained confidence, they got much worse at it, or better, depending on how wet it was their goal to be. Soaked from head to toe? Nailed it.
Eventually we dragged their dripping, reluctant little bodies out to go hiking where G wanted to collect every rock in the path. Do you know how much that slows things down???
Swans! Beautiful.
All right, we made it to the tower. Despite being crazy tall, these kids didn't hesitate for a second. They probably would've run the whole way up!
Made it! Above the canopy of the super dense forest, the view was amazing. These kids are impressive. And I couldn't be more grateful for the safety fencing that kept me from having a panic attack when the littles wouldn't hold my hand every second of the way.
And of course, before we left M had to get a picture of her favorite lake in the state of 10,000. 

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