Friday, June 26, 2015

Roughin' It

A couple of last things from our epic trip before they are lost to the scary recesses of my ever-dwindling intellect, starting with this happy picture of our sightless brood (minus a sleeping G who tragically slept through every s'more-making party we had, poor thing): 
G did not like the soap in the camp bathrooms (which by the way, were impressively clean), because it was "probably made of booders" (boogers).
She does, incidentally, prefer pink soap, which is not only her favorite color but has the added benefit of not looking like it could've come out of her nose. Which is what everyone looks for in a soap.
At the one hotel we did stay in, G pointed to the Kleenex and said, "that is a wiper nose," and then at the toilet paper, "and that is the wiper bum!" They should consider labeling it that to avoid possible confusion!
Bottom line is we did it! 5 straight nights of camping with 5 kids. True, Baby L thought the tent was a frat house where we should be partying all stinking night long. And yes, she loved investigating anybody who hadn't moved in awhile, making it more difficult for them to fall asleep. Additionally, she liked to roll around on our faces to find a more comfortable place to sleep than the ground, but changed her mind every few minutes and went to try out somebody else's face. Good to know that we should by no means trade in her crib yet! 
Beyond surviving the kids, we made it through an intense thunderstorm (actually had to even set the tent up in the dark with the wind trying to parachute our covering into neighboring states), mosquitos that, according to the park ranger, ALL decided to hatch 2 days before we arrived, an invading raccoon that wanted in on the s'mores ironically after J's MANY vocal concerns about their possible proximity (she actually had started panicking to the point of tears earlier when one family member who shall-not-be-named loudly passed gas, which she naturally mistook for "a raccoon's roar), and rain dousing our finally-made fire and dampening our children. But we survived! A little dirty and under-rested but let's be honest, is that a whole lot different than normal life?!?

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