Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mall of America madness

Favorite child for the day - the one to sleep in the longest!!
Everybody up. Time to eat!
As we got in the car to finally leave, G said, "I buttled! Bc if I didn't, I would pop through the walls and windows and I would die. I don't want to do that!"
Fortunately, we all made it safely to the biggest mall I could've ever imagined. And this was in the middle. Needless to say, the kids were a little excited.
It was over-stimulation at its best! Poor G had a rough time every single time the Big 3 went on a ride that she wasn't tall enough to go on. Lots of tears. Wish I could say she was the only one that cried that day...but at least the carousel was always there to make her feel better. You do not want to know how many times we rode that sucker. And always the kitty.
L was a big fan of the carousel too. Such a big kid!
One of dude's first rides was the ghost
blaster. Turns out the fun of shooting ghosts did not make up for the ultimate terror seeing them gave him. Such a face!
Meeting Dora was only slightly less terrifying for L. She would not take her eyes off of that enormous head!
G didn't enjoy the tiny bumper cars so much. Understandable since she spent nearly the entire time like this. Poor thing couldn't figure out how to go backwards!
But it wasn't all negative! Not sure why the pictures reflect that! The bigs did totally blow us away. Cannot believe some of the crazy rides they went on, more or less fearlessly. Dude rode this big drop ride and a pretty intense rollercoaster twice!
But still got a major kick out of the junior drop, which helped a very nervous G realize it was all fun and games!
Such a funny girl in her peent (pink) one of course.
And holy cow Legoland! Blows my mind that they made all this out of tiny little Legos that I step on every day at home!
Notice they're wearing something different. Luckily for us, after G ate spaghetti and Baby L dumped half a large pop on herself, there was a store nearby to make them look presentable again. 
Wish I could say they were this smiley all day! It was an absolute blast and we're so glad we went but wow. I tell you what, wow. Over-stimulation for 7 straight hours equals juvenile insanity. And tears. We were 5 for 5 on kids crying. Hopefully that's not what they remember bc it was tons of fun. And bc we're not doing anything like that again any time soon!

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