Monday, September 12, 2005

Miracle Baby Passes Away

For those of you who have been with Cooped Up since the very beginning (last month?), you may remember a post that had to do with a baby that was born from a braindead mother. (The post is titled "This is why the Lord gives us science and technology" in the August archives--the link to the original story can be found there. I encourage you to read that post so that you know more of the context.) The husband kept his wife alive just long enough to give birth to their second child, and then he let her pass. It was a miracle that the baby girl came out as healthy as she was.

Unfortunately, the poor little girl had an intestinal defect that, after surgery, lead to heart failure. She died Sunday night at 5 weeks of age.

Susan Ann

Although the story doesn't end on the happiest of notes, I am certain that those who were involved are grateful for the time they got to spend with little Susan, and for the lessons they learned while enduring this horrible ordeal. I have learned valuable things through their experience, so I thank the Lord for that. May this family one day be together again for eternity.


Cicada said...

That is sad, but it is good that they were able to have time with her before she passed away.

ambrosia ananas said...

Holy trash. That title scared me. I thought for a minute that we were talking about Jella here. Glad we're not.

I'm sorry for Susan's family, though.