Thursday, September 08, 2005

Update on the State of Democracy

By way of update, the Governator will veto the bill I was talking about yesterday.

Aahnold Makes the Right Choice

Schwarzenegger has previously said that he believes that voters or the courts should have the last word on same-sex marriage, not the legislature.

Novel concept! The people should decide? Scwarzenegger is a renegade!

Although this is funny: "Clearly he's pandering to an extreme right wing, which was not how he got elected," said one of the bill's sponsors....

I'm sorry, the "extreme right wing" is the only group of people who oppose same-sex marriage? Did I hear you correctly? How is that possible, when all of the proposed same-sex marriage amendments failed in all states last November--including my home (and slightly crazy) state of Oregon. It unexpectedly failed by a huge margin! Interesting... I guess the "extreme right wing" is larger than I thought. It must include moderates and only slightly liberal people as well. That makes sense now.

Okay, hopefully I will stop being so serious in future posts. Sorry.


daltongirl said...

Yeah, quit with the serious stuff, would you? I'm going to volunteer at Camp Williams in about an hour, and I bet I will have enough serious stories for both of us when I get back.

I'm a democrat, btw. Don't tell anyone. But I'd still vote against same-sex marriage.

Coop said...

That's okay that you're a democrat. I forgive you. You can still post here.

I have no problem with Democrats; I have problems with extreme liberals. But I have the same problems with extreme conservatives. I am a Republican, but not out of agreement with the party--more out of less agreement with Democrats.

gregory hines said...

I'm a little confused, b/c people are usually freaking out about activist judges making "new" laws. It seems to me that it's a crappy law, but the legislature should be making laws. They should make laws that help the people. I'm glad the governator vetoed it.

gregory hines said...

and another thing...
If the congress doesn't have the same views as those that they represent, then whose fault is that?
I put the blame on the citizens for electing those of their citizenry that make strange judgments. Why are they electing weirdos? The citizens didn't do their homework, they elected idiots, and now they will take the brunt of their mistake. The rest of the USA is also affected, but CA is known to be a circus. Shame on the people of California for electing bad representatives.