Saturday, October 19, 2013

Applefest 2013

Pink fire truck! What's better than that, I mean really?
Hay ride!
Not sure what it had to do with apples, but getting to "put out the flames" with a real fireman's hose was a serious highlight!
On to the petting zoo!
And Cooper's favorite picture of the day:
For the most part, daddy and baby G sat at a safe distance away and watched the others enjoy the petting zoo. We did bring her inside but she just shook her head vigorously at all the animals and the only reward I hot from trying to convince her to get closer was a bunch of animal poop on my leg.
And then balloon animals! Dude's first!
Baby G wasn't particularly patient. Big surprise there.
Not sure she knew what to do with it either but she is not to be left out if the others are all excited about something!
There were tears when some of them popped prematurely. We assured them we'd got pictures so they'd last forever, and then remembered we hadn't got one of M's so here's one a little late but not lost forever to posterity:
So happy. I think it was a silver parrot. Difficult to say but clearly very important. Overall though, such a gorgeous day! Not too many of these in our North Dakota fall! So glad we went!!

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Anna Collett said...

I like the girls fire fighting outfits. Makes the post fire pictures much easier.