Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tired are we?

So the other night Coop started snoring. As usual, I smacked him and told him to roll over. I know, I know, I'm nice like that. He responded, "What? Oh, okay. Wait! I can't. There's somebody on top of me." I asked, "Who?" pretty much figuring he was hallucinating. Or still dreaming. Like that time when he rocked the pillow instead of the crying baby. Instead I hear him say as he poked some big lump, "Hey, which kid are you?" And even more surprising, I heard a croaky response answering with her name. I may, or may not have burst out laughing at this point and told him I'd leave him to take care of it while I went the bathroom. I was still laughing when I got back. We both vaguely remembered she had come in a couple of hours before crying about a nightmare, to which I think I responded, "I'm sorry. Go back to bed." Apparently she noticed my lack of real sympathy and chose to disregard the second part. But who doesn't notice when a child climbs up and falls asleep on them? And then, who actually asks their kid, "Which kid are you?" Still laughing.

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