Friday, October 11, 2013

Horseback riding in Bend

And of course we couldn't leave Bend without seeing and riding horses! Nana and Bopa brought the girls once and they had such fun, I'm not sure they'll ever get away with skipping the activity again :) Especially now that J in particular is obsessed with everything horse. This was dude and Baby G's first time getting to be up close to a horse, even if it was only a small pony. Dude was delighted. As you can see, Baby G was a little hesitant whenever their face was facing hers. She stayed back in that case. 
However, once everybody got on their horses, she was quite upset that she was too little to ride. She kept trying to bolt under the fence to get her own chance!
 Dude took his riding very seriously and though he loved it, there weren't a whole lot of smiles. However, don't think his time with the horses didn't make an impression on him. He still brings up how his horse pooped anytime a horse is mentioned. And brings it up. And brings it up. And brings it up. What a boy.
 J made sure everyone within earshot knew she was our resident "horse expert." She's been reading up lately and pretty much knows everything there is to know unless you count having real-life experience for more than 20 min in her life. :)
 M on her blond horse, of course. 
 And it was over all too soon, but not before all three horses had the chance to poop. Just ask dude. But it was fun times with Nana, Uncle Wes, and Aunt Ninnie. The girls can't wait until next year when they're old enough to go on an actual ride outside of the fenced area!

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Anna Collett said...

Such fun times with the stinky horses! I still need to finish our trip too...